Wondering What to Wear for your Business Portrait?

Wondering What to Wear for your Business Portrait?
Wondering What to Wear for your Business Portrait?

It takes just seconds for a person to make an evaluation about you based on your business portrait. First impressions are lasting! Many people ask me what they should wear for their session. If you’re like me and you want a quick to-the-point answer, then here goes:

Choose solid colors or at least avoid stripes and distracting checkered patterns. Patterns are okay as long as they’re not bright contrasting colors.. Thin stripes on a tie are fine, it’s a small area and won’t cause an optical illusion in camera.

Cover your arms with either a jacket or long sleeves. You want your face to get the attention, not your arms.

Skip the bright neon colors and opt for either earth tones or jewel tones. Also avoid skin tone colors like cream, beige, pastels, peach or yellow.

If you’re wearing jewelry, then keep it simple. The more you wear, the more it will distract – it also tends to catch the light and become reflective.
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And a bonus for the ladies regarding hair and makeup; consider a professional makeup artist and stylist. They know what and how much color to put onto your face to enhance your features. If you’re confident in your own skill, then you’re covered. Your photographer should have plenty of makeup artists or hair stylists to refer you to. Bring in a picture of yourself on a normal work day, this will give them an idea of what your “normal” looks like. It’s never a good idea to experiment with either hair or makeup for your business portrait – you’ll end up with a portrait of someone you and others won’t recognize.