Top 5 Reasons For Having A Professional Business Portraits

Top 5 Reasons For Having A Professional Business Portraits
Top 5 Reasons For Having A Professional Business Portraits

Who Would You Hire?

If you were an employer and looking to hire one of these two men (pictured) and their resume was identical, which would you be more likely to hire?

Every company has an image!

When you think of large corporations, you might easily picture their logo and recall stories that have shaped their brand over the years. Put yourself in your prospective client’s shoes and ask yourself what they might think of you when they see your website. They might click on your “about me” page to learn more about you.

Important Questions to Ask

    • Is there an updated business portrait?
    • Would they recognize you if they met with you in person?

Would they trust you?

It could be the difference between a person picking up the phone and moving on!

Your image is part of your brand and more important that you think.


A professional business portrait adds credibility. First impressions are lasting and they don’t always happen in person. If your prospective client’s first impression of you comes from the business portrait on your website, will that be a positive thing?


If you’re a professional, then your image must exude professionalism. Your personal image is your brand. Last week, I walked down the hallway of a local hospital and noticed that the business portraits of the doctors were consistent and professional. Does that add credibility? Absolutely! I might be worried about a doctor if his framed image looked like a cell phone selfie.

Invest in Yourself

If you’re looking for a job, your future employer will be looking for someone who would best represent the company. A professional business portrait shows that you’re serious and that you are willing to invest in yourself.

Stand out from the crowd

Did you know that your LinkedIn profile is 7 times more likely to be clicked on if you have any simple picture? Imagine how that number might change if your image was a professional business portrait.

Build Trust

People will recognize you when they meet you in person, this builds trust. They may feel that they know you better and are more likely to give you their business. To flip this around, you might be at a networking event where you’ll meet and trade business cards with several people. If they go to look up your profile on LinkedIn, they will recognize your image and know for sure that it’s YOU.

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